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New York City Girls

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1 New York City Girls Empty New York City Girls on Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:06 am


Hello, East Coast,
It's Onassis,
Get 'em Kat DeLuna!

1.I know a place where the girls wanna party at night,
All the guys love the things that we do (Oooh),
Every girl is so special,
And I love the way, the way the place lights up at noon,
The way the girl light up at night,
Nowhere in the world can you experience,
All of this is sexiiness attitude apocalypse,
If you've been around the world,
There's no place you'd rather be,

Through out the galaxy,
You never wanna leave,
Once you have taste the live,
These girls will rock your life,
And in the summer time,
Feel the heat all through the night,
Nowhere in the world,
Can you find a kinda girl like,

Chorus: New York City gurls we're unforgettable,
Fast life on the shining bright lights,
So ho who the parties on the regular,
Ohhhh oh ohhhh,

Jersey gurls, the girls we're undeniable,
Seaside heights the party won't stop,
East Coast represent and put your hands up,
Ohhhh oh ohhhh,

It's New York City trick,
Out-out in Jersey trick,
East Coast love hear the most,
High of these girls, and I need another do

Yeah, we came to party,
Hop around town like those Asian bunny's,
Love my sister's, and my Asian girls,
And my Latin lady's always drive me crazy,
Baby baby baby,
Downtown uptown never got enough how,
When you drop it low,
I can see the round thing bounce, bounce,
I need some more,
We can't come to the Jersey shore,
On the run to the way of sevenclub,
Ridin' bikes watch the hights,
With the American girls always fly like kites,
It's so amazing,
Even in the smoke East Coast is blazin',
New York girl were on the chasin',
Nothing you can say can change this,


New York City (Jersey, J-J-J-J-Jersey),
New York City (Jersey, J-J-J-J-Jersey),
New York City (Jersey, J-J-J-J-Jersey),
New York City (Jersey, J-J-J-J-Jersey),

Kat DeLuna!,
East Coast!,

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